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We believe that a clean and organized space is essential to a healthy and happy life, and our mission is to help our clients achieve this by providing an outstanding cleaning experience while they are enjoying themselves.

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Welcome to TrueSHINE

By creating my company, I want to achieve a mission.

For me, it’s about more than just simply cleaning. I can safely say that I love cleaning. It’s like a creative process for me: creating something new out of something that has a positive and beneficial impact. The question is, how much time is worth spending on this?

Especially with small children and pets, the result of our work is ruined in a few hours. And what about time? Is it our friend or our enemy?

Everyone has a different opinion on this. For mothers, life requires constant planning and time management, as everyone’s day is only 24 hours long. And what do we have the least time for? For ourselves, of course.

We know that our family can only be happy in the long term if we are happy ourselves. It’s too much responsibility, isn’t it? And all this while we want to be perfect in every area of life: as a woman, as a partner, as a mother, as an employee, and even at home… It’s impossible to manage… In the long run, it certainly is!

Let us help you. While we clean up, you can recharge your batteries, exercise, walk, relax, do whatever brings you joy and happiness.
Meanwhile, we’ll make your home sparkling clean! Let us prove that we are more than just a cleaning company. For us, it’s not just about profit, it’s about YOU, and making you happy and satisfied!

Choose us!

Try our services and then decide. You deserve it! 


Gabriella Farkas

Gabriella Farkas

Managing director

As a mother and a service provider I believe in mutual respect and setting priorities, so me and my team strive to make you satisfied and your home clean. I am a customer oriented person with excellent problem-solving skills and sense of quality, who perfectly understands your need for quality time to spend with your loved ones. We are here to provide you with a service allowing you to relax and shine, to enjoy your immaculate home.

Andrea Erzsébet Kovács

Andrea Erzsébet Kovács

General Manager

I am very hard-working, conscientious, honest and trustworthy. I understand my performance as a cleaning lady needs to be consistently high in order to provide a safe and healthy environment. Being a proud mother of 3 children I have learned how important is the awareness of how to clean responsibly. All my years I have been developing my disinfect skills and the use of hazardous cleaning chemicals safely.

Would you like to be a part of our team? Send your CV to

Our services

Regular Basic cleaning

  • Maintain cleanliness 365 days / year
  • Recurring cleaning services can be customized to your specific needs
  • Enjoy quality time instead of worrying about cleaning all the time
  • Free & easy to cancel with 72h notice

One-time basic Cleaning

  • The perfect way to try out our cleaning service
  • 100% flexibility without any commitment
  • When you need that little extra help just once
  • For a special event or occasion

Ironing service

  • Including ironing and folding
  • 6 kg clothes / hour
  • Or 10-12 shirt, blouse / hour





Gabi was the best cleaning lady we ever had. She was cleaning the house super thoroughly and in the greatest detail and this within such a short time that I would not even have known that it was possible.

She was respecting our every little specific wish. She is very trustworthy and reliable, I don’t remember her having missed any appointments.

Eva, Schuttrange

Gabi and her Team are the best cleaning crew we have ever worked with. A great attention to detail and consistent quality of work. I can highly recommend.

We were very pleased with the cleaning service when she came the first time and now we are even more satisfied.

Géza, Walferdange

Gabi is always on time and very punctual. We never managed to clean out our flat like this before.

Even my 9 years old daughter said:

„My room is so clean and I want to keep it like that”

Bettina, Walferdange

Gabriella ist eine kluge, unabhängige und sehr achtsame Putzfrau. Sie macht alles genau, wie ich im Voraus gebeten habe, und sie vergisst keine Ecke oder Fläche.

Ich bin mit Ihrer Arbeit sehr zufrieden. Sie ist pünktlich, fleiẞig und sorgsam, dazu noch höfflich auch. Ich kann sie nur weiterempfehlen.

Edit, Mamer

I loved to work with Gabi and her Team. They are extremely reliable. Always on time and they work with high efficiency.  I have tried a few cleaning company and something always went wrong. Finally I am SUPER HAPPY! 

The flat is spotless and really feels like home now. Highly recommended and very professional!

Sandra, Cents

Super thorough and leaves our home sparkling! It is a fantastic team. They helped us even with the move out cleaning.
Thanks to them, we received all our money back from the agency. It really worth every penny and my wife also feels grateful that she doesn’t need to do the cleaning every week.
Francois, Walferdange


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